Terra Cotta Clay Pots

Top 10 DIY Gorgeous Ways to Decorate your Terra Cotta Pots

An appropriate refined clay is formed to the desired shape. After drying it is placed in a kiln or atop combustible material in a pit, and then fired. The typical firing temperature is around 1,000 °C (1,830 °F), though it may be as low as 600 °C (1,112 °F) in historic and archaeological examples. The iron content, reacting with oxygen during firing, gives the fired body a reddish color, though the overall color varies widely across shades of yellow, orange, buff, red, “terracotta”, pink, grey or brown. In some contexts, such as Roman figurines, white-colored terracotta is known as pipeclay, as such clays were later preferred for tobacco pipes, normally made of clay until the 19th century. [citation needed]

Speed Queen Washer Problems

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As summarized by product review website Wirecutter in 2018, Speed Queen’s top-loader washing machines have a reputation for being “wasteful [and] ineffective”, requiring much more energy and water than modern front-loading washers, however on the other hand are regarded as “exceptionally durable and repairable”, with fans also praising their ability to thoroughly clean heavily soiled work clothes. A 2018 design change introduced what the company described as a “radically different” washing mechanism, abandoning the separate movement of agitator and tub for which Speed Queen laundry machines had hitherto been known. The 2018 design of the TR7 review received a “poor” rating by Consumer Reports for cleaning clothes–the only washer tested by CR to receive such a rating. On the “heavy cycle” CR said the cleaning rating would be “fair”.