6 Inch Drain Pipe

SPX1600V Pump Drain Plug by Hayward

Music producer Ben “Billions” Diehl talked to Billboard about his work with great artists and mentioned that Beyoncé already knows a song “6 Inch” since 2013. According to Diehl, he, rapper Belly and producer Danny Boy Styles met in October of the same year to work on music. “Originally a Belly song with participation from French Montana,” Diehl said. “We got a response that Beyoncé had liked and then we decided: we should continue working together, I think they get somewhere. It turns out you do not know when that day will come. When a singer released her surprise visual album in December 2013, Diehl was quick to check out a list of songs, but “6 Inch” was not there. “Everything went well. ” Diehl concludes. After three years, in 2016, the song finally came out on Beyoncé’s sixth album, Lemonade,” with a guest appearance from The Weeknd.

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